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November 14, 2014

What conditions lead to a problem with mold in my basement?

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While improper ventilation and other issues can enhance the prospect of mold growth, four conditions must be present before a serious mold infestation can develop.

1. There must be mold spores present.  Since mold spores are ubiquitous, (even found in the cleanest of homes), mold control that depends on eliminating spores is doomed to failure.

2. The temperature has to be in the “growth range”  Generally, temperatures that are tolerated by humans can encourage mold growth.  That doesn’t mean that mold won’t grow at near freezing temperatures (have you checked the vegetable crisper in the fridge lately?)  That said, the ideal temperature for rapid mold growth is 65 degrees Fahrenheit and above.

3. Mold also needs a source of nutrition.  Unfortunately, any carbon based source will do.  That includes most building products … think framing and drywall, for example.

4. Finally, to have a problem with mold, abundant moisture must be present.  Relative humidity levels of 70% plus provide the necessary airborne moisture level as well as the presence of liquid water, of course.

Consequently, since mold spores can’t be eliminated,  and since basements are mostly kept in the “mold growth temperature range” and have many surfaces to support mold, the only viable, reliable way to address the problem is to reduce the level of dampness and water in the basement.

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