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December 10, 2014

Window Well Drainage

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window wells

Window wells allow for ventilation and light into under-grade structures, however in many homes, drainage can be a BIG problem, especially if your home is on a relatively flat lot.  Fortunately, there are several solutions to consider.

First, a window well cover will help keep falling rain or snow from entering the well during a bad weather event.   If flowing surface water is entering the well, consider a larger, replacement well that extends at least 6 inches above the surrounding earth.  If your home is on a hill, a new drainage pipe can be inserted at the bottom of your well and “day-lighted” downhill from the well.  If the lot is flat, digging a hole from inside  the window well to the bottom of the footer could help direct the water to your exterior drainage system, assuming that your exterior system is still functioning!

Fortunately, the “last resort” is a guaranteed solution to the problem of water accumulating in the well.  A basement waterproofing company can install a drain in the well that allows water to find the sump pump inside your basement.  This type of water management is real insurance against a common problem that no one wants to face twice!

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