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November 21, 2014

Electric Generators

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Whole house generators…the large, exterior units usually fueled by a propane tank or natural gas, offer the best possible option to keep your basement sump pump and your appliances running when your power goes out.

Small generators, all the way up to large 45 kW units, can range can range widely in price and should never be considered a DIY project. An electrician can help you determine your power needs and install your generator.

If your house is “sump pump dependent”, that is, you rely on your pump to continue working to keep your basement from flooding, a generator should be strongly considered.  Battery backup units are additional, 12 volt pumps installed alongside your main pump to take over in a power failure.  Battery pumps are smaller and pump less water than the main pump.  In addition, aging batteries may not keep the backup running as long as you expect, which has been a serious disappointment for many homeowners.

Perhaps a more reliable backup system than a battery would be a water-driven backup pump that can be installed where a municipal  water supply is available. These pumps use water pressure to spin a small propeller and typically remove 2 gallons of water for every gallon of water it takes to power the pump.  Of course, if a regional power failure causes the municipal water supply to stop flowing, you are back to the flooded basement scenario.

The bottom line…self starting, external power generators offer the most reliable way to keep your pumps, and appliances, running.

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