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November 11, 2014

Sources of Interior Moisture

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Although the most common source of basement moisture is the foundation wall there are also other sources of water and or leak/dampness that are to be considered when inspecting a basement for condensation problems. Consider the following:
Unvented clothes dryers
Bath / shower vents that don’t discharge outside.
Water Heaters
Water purifiers
Plumbing leaks from both above and in the floor

Of these it’s the plumbing leaks that are sometimes the hardest to chase down. If a leak is from above and hidden inside a wall it can be pretty hard to detect by simple moisture meter alone. If you find a leak area and it appears to be below any plumbing above it is very likely associated.

Likewise, if it is in the concrete basement floor and is appearing on top of the floor it is hard to tell if it is hydrostatic pressure or a pipe leak in the floor. The biggest clue here is if it is leaking all the time or just after a heavy rain. If the latter then it is surely a pipe leak.

Another source of moisture can also be the concrete floor itself. It can often take a few years for the water to evaporate out of freshly poured concrete.

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